Thursday, September 17, 2015

There’s An App For That! (Inspection Edition)

While in the field recently, one of our Loss Control Consultants came across an amazingly efficient way to track different inspections throughout the City.  The CityReporter App gives you access to a multitude of varied inspection checklists at the tip of your fingers on your tablet or smart phone.

The CityReporter App reduces the inspection paperwork and filing by automatically storing the inspection checklists, photos, and notes into a file in the cloud that can be accessed later by City personnel.  After the number of times during workshops that it has been mentioned that you need to document your inspections, there is finally an easy way to do this.
The CityReporter App has a wide range of inspection checklists preformatted and available for use.  If the App does not have a checklist suited to your specific needs, CityReporter gives you the capability to create a customized inspection form.  The pre-made checklists include parks, roads, facilities, pools, new construction, fire and sport fields, to name a few.
The CityReporter App was developed with the assistance and advice of a number of municipal risk managers, playground inspectors, the director of the International Playground Safety Institute, road maintenance companies, building industry experts, fire officials and a host of other professionals.  This App makes it easy to keep up with the various inspections that the City’s should be performing on a regular basis and takes the paperwork out of the mix.
Currently in Minnesota, there are only a few cities using the App, however this number is expected to increase as word gets out on the ease of the inspection checklists.  Check out their website at CityReporter App for more information, a free demonstration and detailed information on the CityReporter Application.

By Tara A. Bursey

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