Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Accessing vehicle for repairs or inspection - by Joe Ingebrand

 A previous blog focused on safety as it relates to getting in and out of equipment that is being operated, and reviewed the importance of using the “three points of contact” when entering and exiting the cab.

 Another area where cities experience slip/fall injuries is when equipment is being repaired or inspected.

You’ve probable done it yourself, climbed up on the dump box to see if the box is empty, or stood on a wheel to clean the windshield, both of these scenarios can and have led to slip/fall injuries.

Whether it’s in the shop, or in the street, climbing on and around equipment can be dangerous. Fortunately, improvements have been made by manufactures, designing better steps and walkways on equipment, and by cities utilize portable steps, wheel steps, built-in steps or ladders to access equipment.   

Here are a few ideas utilized by other Minnesota cities we have seen used throughout the state of Minnesota.  See if you can find any ideas that might work for you on existing equipment, or to consider when purchasing                                       equipment in the future. 


Below: Step added to specialty equipment where needed: belly plow, snow blower attachment, or anti-slip material on a surface that is slippery. 

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