Friday, August 12, 2016

Chainsaw Safety

Minnesota has seen quite a few heavy storms and tornado warnings (that weren’t always just warnings) in recent weeks. That means we’ve also seen a lot of strong winds tearing down trees as well. Between the need to clean up and the unfortunate fact fall and winter are on their way, it’s probably a good time to freshen up on your chainsaw safety. Luckily our friends over at Minnesota OSHA Workplace Safety Consultation (WSC) have got you covered with their new four-part chainsaw safety videos (Note: they are on the bottom half of the linked page, the five shorter videos at the top of the page are also worth a watch though). The trainings last between 30-60 minutes, are very informative, and are well worth your time if you plan to be using a chainsaw this year.

By: Cody Tuttle, Loss Control Representative

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