Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Job Hazard Analyses: Examples and a tool to get you started!

Let’s get you started on developing JHA’s for your operations.  LMCIT Loss Control consultants have many examples of JHA’s for public works tasks such as Pothole Filling , Sewer TelevisingSkin PatchingTree Trimming From Bucket, and Water Hydrant Flushing Valve Operation to name a few.  Also check out this information memo, Conducting a Job Hazard AnalysisA Proactive Approach to Safety, on the League of Minnesota Cities’ website for step by step instructions.  At the bottom of page 4 you will see a link to a blank document that you can use to customize JHA’s for your city. 

A Job Hazard Analysis, (JHA), also called a Job Safety Analysis, is a proven analytical tool that examines the relationship between the worker, the task, the tools, and the work environment.  Ideally, after uncontrolled hazards are identified, a city will take steps to eliminate or reduce the hazards to an acceptable risk level. 

Understand how to conduct, review and document a job hazard analysis.  Use this proactive tool to establish proper work procedures and address on-the-job hazards before an injury or costly claim occurs. 

By Cheryl Brennan

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