Monday, April 14, 2014

What’s all the buzz about?

LMCIT’s spring safety and loss control workshops are in full swing all around the state of Minnesota.  The hotel’s complimentary morning newspaper and a cup of coffee greet us as we groggily prepare for the day…..What?! Man survives after chainsaw slips .   The saw blade and chain are graphically clear against the bones in a chest x-ray photo that accompanies the article. 

Did you know that the federal OSHA logging and operations standard applies to any tree felling done by city employees?  Did you know that the LMCIT loss control consultants can provide guidance if you need to develop your employee safety program?  Well it does and they can.

The logging operations standard includes various requirements for the provision, inspection and maintenance of equipment (e.g., personal protective equipment, tools, vehicles, and machines) used in performing logging operations.  It also requires first aid training.  

The standard incorporates performance requirements that provide flexibility to employers in developing safety and health programs to suit logging operations in all regions of the country. The standard also requires employers to provide training for each employee who has not been trained previously.

For free chainsaw safety training  contact Ed LaFavor at MN OSHA  by:
  • phone at (218) 362-5915;
  • fax at (218) 362-5916; or
  • e-mail at

Let's keep the buzzin' for the bees!    

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