Friday, March 28, 2014

Beep! Beep! Backing Accidents in Public Works

Public Works is a big user of motor vehicles and equipment including: pick-up trucks, dump trucks, graders, loaders, tractors, etc. For the most part, thousands of miles are traveled safely, without incident. However, there are around 1800 vehicle-related LMCIT claims each year that account for about $4.8 million paid in damages each year.  Here is a handy tool for you to download, print and place in vehicles for those unfortunate occasions when a vehicle accident occurs.   Cab Card for Vehicle Accidents
According to the National Safety Council, around 25% of all vehicle accidents are attributed to backing and poor backing techniques. Below are short and long term techniques that can reduce these numbers:

 Short Term Techniques
  • Park defensively, use spots that are easy to exit
  • Don’t park where others may back into you
  • Get to know blind spots and mirror limitations in your vehicles
  • Back into parking spots if possible
  • Complete a vehicle walk around before backing
  • Use a spotter, train employees on common hand signals

 Long Term Techniques
  • Purchase vehicles with back-up cameras and/or retrofit existing vehicles with cameras
  • Conduct backing training using equipment employees are anticipated to drive
  • Install vehicle back-up alarms on vehicles that back frequently

Physical Damage
On average, LMCIT receives 1,100 claims for vehicle physical damage. Incurred losses were approximately $2.7 million per year during 2009-12, or about $2,600 per claim.

Liability Damage
On average, LMCIT receives 670 auto liability claims each year. From 2009-12 costs averaged $2.1 million per year, or about $3,400 per claim

by Joe Ingebrand

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