Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flushing out resources!

Do you recall a time when you felt foolish for not using something that made your work life so much easier? Then you tried it and wondered why in the world you didn’t use it sooner? Well…. this may be another one of those opportunities for you.
I was a speaker at a Rural Water training event and boy I wish I could have had a conversation on film that took place so I could share it with you here- the video would have said it all but the conversation was not caught on tape. What you would have seen is one Public Works Director’s shock and amazement that everyone else in the room was not utilizing the documents and resources available to them in LMCIT’s Sanitary Sewer Toolkit. It saved him numerous hours of time and was essentially a "plug and play" program for his city.
You can find links to all the helpful documents and guides at the following web address Sewer Tool Kit

What’s your opinion of the tools available there?
by Andy Miller

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