Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sidewalk Snow Removal: “New technology for an old problem”

Cities are faced with the challenge of doing more with less. Often this is accomplished by operating equipment faster, but as we know, this can sometimes lead to more problems.
It goes something like this; an employee operating the snow blower is blowing snow from a sidewalk when the unit catches a water valve, sidewalk edge, or other hidden obstruction.  This causes the operator to lunge forward, into the cab, windshield, steering wheel, etc., causing pain and injury, along with damaging the equipment and infrastructure; all costing time and money.
Snowalker is a trip system for snow blowers and front-end loaders. This system allows a snow blower or loader bucket to continually scrape along rugged surfaces without stopping the machine/vehicle. Users could potentially experience increases in productivity of each machine with this system because they can often reduce the need for another pass with a power broom and also reduce down time associated with mechanical breakdowns.

Take a look at the website below which includes a 5 minute video.


By Joe Ingebrand

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