Friday, January 1, 2016

Get the Most out of Your LMC Memos

Here at the League of Minnesota Cities we are continually writing info packets that will help you in your daily duties. These memos include such topics as Public Works Emergency Response, Entering Private Property for Public Works Purposes, and the Sanitary Sewer Toolkit: A Guide for Maintenance Policies and Procedures.

To search all of the memos the league has to offer, go to our website and under the “Governing and Managing” tab, click “Resource Library,” or just click this link.  Type a keyword or phrase then hit enter to search for related memos.

We have a lot of these memos, and each has a wealth of useful information.  So to help you navigate and make the most of them our LMC Research Department developed this handy infographic to help you use all of our memo’s incorporated features.

If you have a question about any memo that you are reviewing, feel free to contact our research staff at


By: Cody Tuttle

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