Friday, December 18, 2015

Tech Corner – Back-Up Cameras

As we work on our budgets for the upcoming years consider the newest technologies in your planning.  When looking at large purchases, consider what has changed and what options may make your job easier or less risky. 

A number of cities have implemented back-up cameras in their plows as an added feature.  According to these cities, the added technology decreases back-up accidents and pays for itself easily within one season.  The drivers are benefited with fewer blind spots and better clarity while backing. 

Plow trucks are not the only equipment that can be improved with the back-up camera technology.  Passenger vehicles, such as pick-ups, can benefit from this technology as well.  A few cities have even added this technology into their Bobcats and loaders, which are notorious for blind spots. 

While there has been a healthy dose of skepticism when discussing this technology, those that have implemented the use of back-up cameras have found it does make their jobs easier and safer. 

By: Tara A. Bursey

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