Friday, January 15, 2016

Summer is Coming

So far we have had a mild winter, and that leaves tons of room for building and equipment maintenance when you’re not plowing snow. What kind of quick tricks or simple fixes can you do to make the summer maintenance season simpler and/or easier?


Adding trash grabbers to your riding mowers, so employees don’t have to get on/off equipment multiple times. Not only will this help reduce the potential of a fall, it will hopefully increase productivity with shorter stops. The City of Pipestone installed Trash Grabbers with Clamp Mounts so every mower can pick up trash while mowing.



You could also add a mounting system to the mowers that could hold weed whips. These additions are for mowers that are out all day and may find locations that need some trimming. These could be for the smaller trimming areas like sign posts, trees, or the monument on the edge of town. Maybe not for all areas, but it’s a start!


How many of you are using old 55 or 30 gallon barrels for trash cans? Simple, low cost, and usually plenty of them to use. Most of you have cut a hole in the top and  drilled a few holes in the bottom to drain the rain water, but how many of you have added handles? Adding handles could help in lifting these, especially  when you dump them. I’m sure we all have dumped a trash can or two and gotten the Trash Can Slime on our hands -  YUK!  Not only will the handles help in picking up the cans and dumping them into a dumpster or truck, it also keeps the slime off your hands…

By: Troy Walsh

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