Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Compost Sites

Is your city having trouble with your compost sites? Are people dumping items that shouldn’t be there?

To prevent this from happening, there are a few different things your City can do:

·         Have the compost site fenced and have a lock/code/key for residents to access the site
·         Have the compost site only open during hours that would be staffed  
·         Have security cameras at the compost site
·         Have signs that include what is okay and not okay to drop at the compost site

Your City should have a policy/procedure for your composting sites. The policy/procedures should include:

·         Who is allowed to use the compost site?
o   Residents
o   Are non-residents allowed to?
o   Are commercial users allowed to? If so, is there a fee?
·         When is the compost site open/close?
o   Only for staffed hours or
o   24/7, need a key?
o   Certain days that it is closed?
·         What are acceptable items at the compost site?
o   Grass clippings
o   Leaves
o   Brush/Logs
o   Christmas tress
·         If the City’s compost site is only open during staffed hours, are there requirements to enter the compost site?
o   Registering with the staff
o   Driver’s License
o   Permit
·         Is there a cost to use the compost site?
·         What other rules should users be aware of?
o   No plastic bags left on site
o   No yard waste left outside facility
o   No chain saws or wood splitters
o   No stumps


Submitted by: Kate Connell, Loss Control Consultant

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