Friday, March 2, 2018

Learn How to Ensure Your Parks are ADA Compliant at the Spring Loss Control Workshops!

ADA Accessibility is the focus of this year’s LMCIT: Spring Safety and Loss Control Workshop. The 2010 ADA Law requires accessibility to parks, play areas, pools, boating, fishing piers, exercise facilities, and sport facilities among others. With no “Safe Harbor”, existing recreational facilities will need to be upgraded as well, along with any new facilities.  

Attendees in the upcoming Public Works/Parks & Rec Track workshop will have the entire morning session to learn about common ADA issues at parks & recreation centers, solutions to improving accessibility, and exposure to available ADA resources & tools. After the classroom session, the class will take a field trip to a local park where they will have a chance to put into practice what they learned in the classroom. 

Some of the areas to be discussed include:

  • Parking                                                
  • Access Route
  • Building Entrance
  • Restrooms
  • Playgrounds
  • Picnic Shelters and Tables
  • Docks/Fishing Pier
  • Sport Facility Seating


By: Joe Ingebrand


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