Friday, August 11, 2017

Storm Damage Cleanup

It’s that time of year when Summer Storms will build and hit our communities quick and sometimes with force. We often rely on Public Works to move trees, check on sanitary sewer, and ensure that the infrastructure remains in operating condition.

How does your community respond to calls about fallen trees? Does your city remove the tree when they fall in the street? Do they push them to the boulevard or cut them up? Do they leave the trees to the property owner? Having an idea and/or a response policy for your storm response will help the community understand the priorities of the Public Works Department.

What if the tree falls into a private property from the park? There are always a lot of questions to answer when storms hit our communities, but somehow, we always pull together and get tasks accomplished.

Safety should always be #1 when cleaning up storm damage. Always be on the lookout for Power Lines in trees when they fall. Ensure that the Power Company has been notified and power has been removed.

Use extreme caution when clearing trees with chain saws and when working around the general public. Minnesota Nice and a Bonding Community means everyone wants to help, and that is a Great Plan. Ensure Safety to you and the Public during these events…

By: Troy Walsh

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