Friday, November 13, 2015

Reaching for the Stars and Installing Decorations!

   Cities have increased the Flags, Banners, and Flower Pots that help decorate our downtowns, add seasonal colors, and help celebrate holidays. With this increase of decorations, we increase the number of possible injuries for our maintenance employees. When climbing a ladder 10-20 times while installing decorations; are we always making sure the ladder is secure and on a flat surface? How about a bucket truck? Are we following all the regulations for fall protection, harnesses, and climbing in & out of the bucket each time? What else do we already have that we could utilize for installing these decorations with safety in mind and reducing the repetitive motions?

   The city of Cleveland, MN has a wide variety of decorations for their downtown and surrounding areas that they change several times a year. Their Public Works Department designed Steps and a Platform they install on their loader to minimize the hazard of ladders and the expense of a bucket truck. The loader operator is now able to load the decorations on the platform, drive to the location, park, leave the operator’s seat, climb the steps, secure himself with fall protection, and install the decorations. The steps and platform are removable for winter plowing operations and can be reinstalled when needed!
   Evaluating operations and finding a way to reduce injuries is critical in daily operations.







By: Troy Walsh


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