Monday, August 3, 2015

Best Practices for Safety Committees

Did you attend the annual Loss Control workshops this spring?  Perhaps you attended the afternoon session on safety committees.  The League received a LOT of positive feedback on that session, along with requests to repeat the training in a local venue so more employees could attend. 

Those attendees that went on the off-site portion of the training said it was “a valuable learning experience”.  The league responded by adding four sessions to the fall workshop schedule and is in the process of applying for credits.  We've also included a hands-on session on Job Hazard AnalysisLunch is included.  Find out more and register online.  Class sizes are limited so hurry or all the seats will be taken! 

The role of a safety committee is vital—but can also be complex. Let us help you simplify it. Much like an apple is easier to eat when it is sliced into sections, so too is a safety committee easier to develop (and operate!) once it is broken down into its parts.
- See more at Best Practices for Safety Committees 

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