Friday, May 8, 2015

Public Works to the Rescue!!

It’s common for Public Works departments to purchase new or used equipment and vehicles with multiple uses in mind.  For example, pickup trucks traditionally function to plow snow, pull trailers, haul equipment, and transport employees.  

City of Belle Plain PW
But what about re-using another city vehicle that is on the replacement list?  What in the world could a Public Works department do with a “retired” ambulance?  These multi-purpose trucks were originally designed for quick emergency response to help people that are injured or ill. What can happen to an ambulance when it is done responding to emergencies?

The City of Belle Plaine knows!  Respond to more emergencies!  I met recently with Al Fahey, the City’s Public Works Superintendent.  Al showed me how the City of Belle Plaine repurposed an ambulance for a wide variety of tasks his department performs.

Nice and cozy!
Want to work on site but in the shade?.... out of the wind?.. out of the rain?...inside where it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer?  Look no further.  There is also storage for tools and space in the back which provides better visibility when working on equipment.  These rigs come with interior lighting, exterior lighting when working on site, emergency lighting, and power generating systems.

Ambulances are designed with multiple interior and exterior storage compartments. The storage compartments hold things such as PPE for chain saw equipment, harnesses, and boots. This means equipment is not in the back of the pickup truck getting exposed to harsh weather conditions. 
And employees can don and adjust PPE in the comfort of the rig and away from the inclement weather.
I forgot to ask about the siren…

 By Troy Walsh




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