Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Walk in the Park

(c)emt1804.jpgFor many years the annual Safety and Loss Control Workshops have been a harbinger of spring for Minnesota municipalities.  Over the years a wealth of information has been developed for members in the form of risk management memos on a wide range of park and recreation topics.  These memos have been available on the LMC website and from the League's Loss Control Consultants.  Now they are available in one handy guide.  Park and Recreational Loss Control Guide 

Parks and recreational facilities can be one of your city’s most visible assets.  Learn how to protect your parks and prevent injuries among park and recreation employees with LMCIT’s all new and comprehensive Parks & Recreational Loss Control Guide.  The Guide contains an overview of key risk management concepts and specific advice for managing many common programs and events such as snow hills, ice skating or swimming facilities, trails, skateparks, parades, sports leagues, and more. It also contains links to sample policies, checklists, and forms to make your life easier.

by Cheryl Brennan

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