Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How'd They Do That? Creative solutions from Public Works employees

By Joe Ingebrand: 

There are lots of creative safety solutions we see on our field site visits.  I thought I'd share a couple with you in this blog.  Both of these are ergonomic interventions designed to minimize lifting, bending and reaching.  If you've got something you'd  like to share contact your Loss Control Consultant (see our profiles) and we'll get it posted for others to see.  The more we share these kinds of ideas the safer our Public Works employees will be on the job. 

Wastewater aerator cover lifted with electric winch.

The Pine River Area Sanitary District installed an electric winch to lift the heavy insulated hinged cover on an aerator used in their waste water treatment operation.


Zamboni cutting edge lifter

The City of Fergus Falls uses a floor jack adapted to remove and reinstall the cutting edge ice scrapper for the Zamboni.

They attached a jig, which holds the cutting edge, allowing the employee to remove fasteners and replace the cutting edge blade.

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