Thursday, December 27, 2012

Trash and Garbage Collection in Winter

In some cities collecting garbage is a very simple task because the city has the public trained to make it that way. In others cities it is quite the opposite. Winter can make this simple task a much more difficult one in both cases if your public education and your policies on work practices let it.
Some things I would like you to consider are as follows:
  1. Do you require bags or barrels of standard size only and dumpsters of a specific type (rear cable, front load) only?

  2. Do you require specific placement of receptacles, cans and bins (i.e on a hard surface, curbside, facing the street, etc.)? Does this change in snow conditions?

  3. Do you manually handle any receptacles and cans? How do you get the public to help with the placement of the receptacle in winter conditions?

  4. What winter conditions prompt you to utilize a refusal to pick-up notice?

  5. Do you have a snow policy that delays pick-up by a day to allow for snow removal first?

  6. How are you informing the public of all of these items above?
What’s your city’s policy? Let us know.
By Andy Miller

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